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A Y Class freighter, a type common in the mid-22nd Century for supplying Earth colonies and trading with other races. Its design consisted of a long backbone with the bridge and crew accommodation at the bow with warp nacelles at either side. Up to eight cargo modules could be attached to the sides of the backbone allowing for over 20 kilotons of freight. It could travel at warp 1.8 and was equipped with a low-yield plasma cannon for defence. In 2151, the SS Enterprise NX-01 encountered the Earth Cargo Ship Fortunate, commanded by Captain Keene and his first officer Ryan, who were under attack from Nausicaan pirates.
ENT "Fortunate Son"
Text from the The Unofficial Index to the GE Fabbri Star Trek Fact Files

The Y class is a modular freighter carrying up to eight large cargo containers. In 2151, this type of ship has already been in service for some decades. Y-class ships are typically armed with a low-yield plasma cannon.
ENT "Fortunate Son" ; Ex Astris Scientia
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