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Arctic One was the designation for an United Earth Arctic One-type transport that was in service in the 22nd century. In 2153, this starship was assigned to the Team of Arctic Exploration, a branch of the Earth Sciences Institute, for an exploration of Earth's Arctic Circle.
During their exploration of the Arctic Circle, the team discovered a craft of unknown origin. As they investigated the crashed vehicle and its crew, later identified as Borg drones, the members of the team were assimilated along with their ship into the Borg Collective. The new drones then attempted a journey in the Arctic One to the Collective's territory in the distant Delta Quadrant.
En route, the ship was intercepted and destroyed by the Enterprise NX-01; however, before Arctic One's destruction, the drones successfully transmitted a homing signal to the Borg, alerting them to Earth's location.
ENT "Regeneration"
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1) The transport appeared in ENT: "Regeneration", "Twilight" and "Storm Front, Part II". The original top speed of Warp 1.4 was boosted by the Borg to Warp 3.9 when leaving Earth and finally to Warp 4.8, using technology from their ship. It is curious that the ship in its original configuration is supposed to have warp drive at all, considering that it doesn't look like that and that it wouldn't need it for polar expeditions on Earth. Why would such a ship drag along all the heavy and dangerous technology? On the other hand, it would be much less likely that the Borg could build a warp drive from scratch, with only a few pieces of Borg technology. It is possible that someone noticed the plausibility problem and inserted Trip's comment that the transport has warp drive to the script, and the CGI wasn't modified to reflect this.
2) We can also see the design in "Demons", here an apparent variant without the skids and with a gray hull.
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