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NX-01 POD 1

Part of Enterprise complement
ENT "Broken Bow"
Crash landed on moon
Presumed recovered by Arkonian patrol ship
ENT "Dawn"
Stolen by Silik
Damaged by Enterprise
Crash landed on Earth in Eastern USA (c.1944)
Destroyed by Enterprise crew
ENT "Storm Front"
NX-01 POD 2

Part of Enterprise complement
ENT "Broken Bow"

Seen on Earth in the Arctic. Starfleet Shuttle.
ENT "Regeneration"
Seen in the Bay Stadium.
ENT "Home"

Length 6.1 meters
Height 2.75 meters
Beam 2.62 meters
Complement 1 pilot + 5 passengers
Decks 1
Commissioned 2150
Beam Weapons TDM-9 Plasma (x2)
Torpedo Launchers None
Impulse System SBA (.25c)
Warp system None
From DECIPHER Star Trek Roleplaying Game Starships Book

Part of the complement of Enterprise NX-01 were the two Shuttlepods. These were small auxiliary craft used for the transport of personnel and cargo between the starship and the surface of planets. Teleportation technology was in its infancy in the 22nd Century and not entirely reliable, so it made sense to use shuttlepods wherever possible. These vessels could carry six passengers and had retractable wings, impulse drive and plasma cannons. They had a hatch on port and starboard sides and a docking port on the dorsal surface. Stored in a shuttlebay beneath the starship, they were launched through a ventral hatch by an extending hydraulic ram.
Text from the The Unofficial Index to the GE Fabbri Star Trek Fact Files

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