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Sarajevo NC-27
The Sarajevo was an United Earth Sarajevo-type transport that was in service with Starfleet in the mid-22nd century.
In 2154, the Sarajevo rendezvoused with the Enterprise NX-01 to transport Danica and Emory Erickson to Earth.
ENT "Daedalus"
Named after the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina and city of Yugoslavia, a region and former nation-state in Europe on Earth. The 24th century Federation starship USS Sarajevo might have been named in her honor.
Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference

The Sarajevo-type starship was a class of warp-driven vessel utilized by Earth during the mid-22nd century.
A vessel of this class was among the fleet that greeted and escorted Enterprise back to Earth following the Xindi incident in 2154.
ENT "Storm Front, Part II"
The Sarajevo, another vessel of this class, was used as a transport back to Earth later that year.
ENT "Daedalus"
John Eaves' sketch for this ship referred to it as an Earth Starfleet "Elite Observation Vessel." According to Rob Bonchune, "The sketch seems more detailed as it has a Starfleet registry NC-27 on the side and has red bussards towards the front/side in front of the blue warp glow," that were apparently not added to the CGI model. According to Eaves "a stack of horseshoes on my desk was the visual inspiration behind the design."
Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference
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