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Settlements on the fourth planet in the Sol system.
TOS "Court Martial"
The first human colony on Mars was established in 2103.
VOY "The 37's"
A serial murderer killed eight women at the Martian Colonies in 2105, a crime that went unsolved for over a century.
TOS "Wolf in the Fold")
Some of Jean-Luc Picard's ancestors were among the pioneers who settled the first colony on Mars.
Star Trek Generations
Starship Enterprise crew member Lietenant Mira Romaine was born at Martian Colony 3.
TOS "The Lights of Zetar
Enterprise-D crew member Simon Tarses was a native of the Martian Colonies (TNG "The Drumhead"), and noted Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards engineer Leah Brahms resided there while working on the Galaxy-class starship project.
TNG "Boody Trab"
The flag of the first Martian colonies was inspired by a velvet painted of an ancient bullfighter.
DS9 "In the Cards"
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