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In the 22nd century, Jupiter Station served as a maintenance and repair facility for Starfleet vessels, as well as a supply stop for cargo ships and a training facility for the Military Assault Command Operations.
Prior to setting out on its eight-month journey in 2151, the cargo vessel ECS Fortunate stopped at Jupiter Station to take on cargo, where the handlers failed to properly balance the load in one of the Fortunate's modules. This caused a vibration in the module, which was eventually corrected when the crew redistributed the cargo.
ENT "Fortunate Son"
Later that year, in the face of constant attack by an unknown species, Captain Archer decided to reverse course and take the Enterprise NX-01 back to Jupiter Station, where the armory team could install state-of-the-art phase cannons, with which Enterprise could better defend itself. Feeling a sense of personal pride in the project, however, Commander Charles Tucker and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed took it upon themselves to complete the modifications, constructing and installing two phase cannons in forty-eight hours, whereas it was estimated that it would take two weeks for the armory team to complete the project.
ENT "Silent Enemy"
In 2153, MACO Major J. Hayes and his team developed a specialized training system at Jupiter Station, wherein a trainee would utilize a phase rifle in an attempt to hit as many holographic targets as possible in a ten-second period. The MACOs would later utilize this program to help train officers onboard Enterprise, where they had been assigned to augment the crew in the mission in their Delphic Expanse.
ENT "Harbinger"
MACO Corporal J. McKenzie did a six-week tour on Jupiter Station, where she gained experience operating in zero gravity conditions when the gravplating would periodically fail. In 2153, McKenzie would relate this story to Captain Archer, when justifying her presence on an away mission to a derelict alien vessel where the environmental systems were offline.
ENT "Anomaly"
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