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A J-class freighter that was common in the early 22nd Century in supply and trading roles. Like the Y-class, its design consisted of the bridge and crew accommodation at the bow with warp nacelles at either side. Up to five type-3 cargo modules with a maximum capacity of 30 kilotons could be mounted behind using magnetic grapplers. The forward module could be disengaged for defensive purposes and it was equipped with two plasma cannons. From its designation, it is assumed that the J-class predates its Y-class counterpart and it was somewhat smaller. In 2152, the SS Enterprise NX-01 conveyed Ensign Mayweather to see his family aboard the Horizon following the death of his father, the former captain. During his visit the vessel was attacked by pirates, a seemingly common occurrence, and Mayweather helped to fight them off.
Text from the The Unofficial Index to the GE Fabbri Star Trek Fact Files
ENT "Fortunate Son"
Captain Mayweather
ENT "Broken Bow"
Acting-Captain Paul Mayweather(prefix verified this episode)
ENT "Horizon"

The J-class was a starship design of Earth origin which was utilized as a freighter. They were capable of maintaining a maximum speed of warp two, and capable of hauling loads of up to 30,000 metric tons. The warp reactors were personally designed by Zefram Cochrane himself, and there were rumors that he personally signed the inside of each reactor casing.
ENT "Horizon"
These vessels have a history dating back to the early 22nd century. They were commonly used by the Earth Cargo Service.
ENT "Broken Bow", ENT "Fortunate Son", ENT "Horizon"
The inertial dampers aboard the J-class were far less advanced than that of later warp-capable vessels. As such, all passengers on a J-class freighter would have to hold on to handles when the ship went to warp, or else risk losing their balance.
ENT "Horizon"
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