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The Starfleet ship class that appeared in The Expanse, among the three Earth vessels that rescued Enterprise from the Klingon Bird of Prey. It was equipped with warp drive and phase cannons. From its brief sighting, it appeared to have a saucer, a small engineering hull and additional fins on the propulsion nacelles, themselves rotated through 90 degrees. Since this class of starship appeared more advanced and larger than its consorts, it may be presumed that it was the Intrepid, the command vessel of Enterprise's escort.
ENT "The Expanse"
Text from the The Unofficial Index to the GE Fabbri Star Trek Fact Files
Twelve years after new timeline formation destroyed.
ENT "Twilight"

The Intrepid type was a mid-22nd century Earth Starfleet starship design to which the starship Intrepid belongs. The class was armed with phase cannons and two torpedo launchers.
ENT "The Expanse"
The torpedo launchers have never been seen firing in an episode, but are clearly visible on production stills of the "shooting model".
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