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S.S. Hokule'a   DY-500-C The Hokule'a, an Earth vessel under the command of Captain Melinda Snodgrass, started to a deep space exploration mission in 2102.
TNG "Up the Long Ladder"
Name and class from a computerdisplay.
S.S. Mariposa NAR-7678 DY-500

Colony vessel, launched from Earth on November 27, 2123, toward the Ficus Sector. Commanding officer was Captain Walter Granger. Besides colonists, the ship's payload included an interesting mix of high-technology equipment and low-tech gear such as spinning wheels and actual animal livestock. The Mariposa carried two very different groups of colonists. The first, who settled planet Bringlois V, were a group of Irish descendants who had eschewed technology in favor of a simpler agrarian life. The second, who settled a planet they named Mariposa, embraced technology and in fact survived only with the aid of sophisticated cloning techniques. The colonies were reunited in 2365 when solar flares threatened the Bringloidi, while dangerous replicative fading threatened the Mariposa.
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Named for the Spanish word for "butterfly". The DY-500 designation presumably means that the Mariposa was a advanced version of Khan's DY-100-class S.S. Botany Bay seen in TOS "Space Seed".
H.M.S. Lord Nelson   DY-500-B The Lord Nelson, a British vessel under the command of Captain Young Jae Kim, started to a deep space exploration mission in 2120.
TNG "Up the Long Ladder"
H.M.S. is the abbreviation for His/Her Majesty's Ship. Name and class from computerdisplay.

Length 180 m
From ????

Interplqanetary vessel, relatively primitive by 23rd-century standards, but considerably more advanced than the older DY-100 ships.
TOS "Space Seed"
The S.S. Mariposa, launched from Earth in 2123, was a DY-500 ship.
TNG "Up the Long Ladder" ; Star Trek Encyclopedia II
All DY-500 Class Freighters were "retired decades ago"
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