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In the 22nd century, Cold Station 12 was a top secret facility jointly operated and staffed by Starfleet and the Denobulans under the auspices of the Interspecies Medical Exchange, located on an asteroid. The facility was used to store hazardous viruses and pathogens for research puprorses, as well as over 1800 embryos of 20th century Augments from the Eugenics Wars.
Nineteen of the Augment embryos were stolen in the 2130's by facility chief of staff Doctor Arik Soong. Soong intended to create a new race of "supermen" and took the embryos to the Trialas system where he raised them as his children.
Doctor Phlox served a few months on C-12 at some point during his time with the Medical Exchange.
During Soong's tenure aboard C-12, the power relays in the senior medical director's office were faulty, causing the computer terminal lights to flicker every two hours. Soong asked the maintenance crew to fix it several times, but when he returned ten years later, the problem still wasn't repaired.
In 2154, Doctor Jeremy Lucas became the facility's chief of staff. Soong returned to C-12 in May of that year in a Klingon bird-of-prey to take the remaining embryos. Soong and his followers escaped with the embryos, despite the intervention of the NX-01 Enterprise. In the incident, a few staff members were killed and the entire station was flooded with pathogens except for the command center. Doctor Lucas estimated it would take a year to decontaminate the station.
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