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The Conestoga was a transport vessel launched in 2067 for colonisation of Terra Nova, an inhabitable planet which was located some twenty light years from Earth. It was planned and built only four years after Cochrane's Phoenix without help from the Vulcans and could attain a maximum speed of warp 1.3. The vessel was designed to be disassembled on arrival to provide materials to build the new colony but thus removed any prospect of return. The Conestoga was displayed on a screen in the episode Terra Nova. Earth lost contact with the colonists in about 2080 and it was not until 2151 that Enterprise NX-01 was instructed to investigate. It transpired that much of the planet had been irradiated by an asteroid collision and the human survivors had been forced to seek sanctuary in subterranean tunnels. Their descendents, mutated by the radiation, continued to survive after the Enterprise survey, although relocated to an uncontaminated region of Terra Nova.
Text from the The Unofficial Index to the GE Fabbri Star Trek Fact Files
Captain Mitchell
Colony transport ship
Disassembled to construct Terra Nova colony (2087)
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