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Height 3.4 m
Length 27.5 m
Width 16 m
Crew 3
Max Speed 2
From ????

The first spacecraft launched from Earth to travel faster than light. The Phoenix was built by noted space pioneer Zefram Cochrane and engineer Lily Sloane. It was built from an old Titan V nuclear missile, modified with a small crew cabin and twin warp nacelles. The Phoenix made its historic first warp flight on April 4, 2063, piloted by Zefram Cochrane, symbolically rising from the ashes of World War III, ushering in a new era for humankind. The flight of the Phoenix was directly responsible for Earth's first contact with extraterrestrials, leading to Earth's recovery from the postatomic horror. The Phoenix later was placed on display at the Smithsonian Institution, and was the subject of a course taught at the Starfleet Academy.
Star Trek: First Contact
The ship as named for the immortal bird from Egyptian mythology that periodically was consumed in fire, then arose from the ashes reborn. The Phoenix was designed by Herman Zimmerman and John Eaves, Ioosely based on a conjectural model created by Greg Jein.
Star Trek Encyclopedia II
A model seen in ENT "Horizon" on the ESC Horizon.
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