Earth Pre-Federation Database - Nomad (Tan Ru)

2002-45b Nomad MK-15c

Height 1.2 m
From ????

Early robotic interstellar probe launched from Earth in 2002 on a mission to search for new LIFE-FORMS. Roughly cylindrical in shape, weighing 500 kilograms, and measuring about one meter in lenght, Nomad was created by brillant Earth scientist jackson Roykirk. Nomad was presumed destroyed in flight by a meteor collision. It was later learned that Nomad had in fact collided with an alien space probe called Tan Ru.
TOS "The Changeling"
The episode suggested that Nomad was Earth's first probe out of our solar system, but in actual fact, Pioneer 10 was the first craft to reach interstellar space.
Star Trek Encyclopedia II
The original Nomad model was built by SFAM (StarFleet Assembly Manual) author Paul M. Newitt, who has also built set models for the Paramount television series, JAG. During the filming of the second season of the "Enterprise" television series, the production team provided several models to be used as set-pieces for Ensign Travis Mayweather's cabin, including Newitt's Nomad model. The model was first seen in the episode, "Dead Stop," which premiered on October 9, 2002

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