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70914 FG-914 Bluejay 4
"Bluejay 4" was the callsign of an American F-104 Starfighter interceptor that was in service with the United States Air Force in the mid-20th century. This airplane was piloted by Captain John Christopher in July 1969.
In that year, Bluejay 4 was scrambled to intercept and investigate an apparent UFO contact in 1969. The "UFO" was actually the USS Enterprise, which had accidentally been thrown back in time. Spock warned Captain Kirk that the closing aircraft may be equipped with nuclear warheads and could pose a real threat. Kirk used the tractor beam to hold the aircraft off, but due to the fragility of the jet, it began to break up under the force of the tractor beam. As a result, Captain Kirk beamed its pilot aboard the Enterprise. Christopher was saved, but the aircraft was demolished. Its wreckage fell back to Earth and landed in southern Nebraska. The flight recorder and footage from the wing cameras were taken to the 498th Air Base in Nebraska to be processed.
The registry for Bluejay 4 was FG-969. This registry was changed to FG-914 for the remastered edition of "Tomorrow is Yesterday".
TOS "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference
70915 FG-915   TOS "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
70926 FG-926  

TOS "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
70969 FG-969 Bluejay 4 Piloted by Captain John Christopher. Serial Number 4857932 in the United States Air Forse on Earth during the 1960's.
TOS "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"

Span 21 ft. 11 in
Length 54 ft. 10 in
Height 13 ft. 6 in
Weight 27,853 lbs. max
Armament One M-61 20mm cannon, two air-to-air missiles; nuclear or conventional bombs.
Engine One General Electric J-79 of 15,800 lbs. thrust with afterburner.
Crew One (two in the TF-104G)
Maximum speed 1,320 mph (Mach 2)
Cruising Speed 575 mph
Range 1,250 miles
Service Ceiling 58,000 ft
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The F-104 Starfighter was a type of American interceptor aircraft used by the United States Air Force in the late 1960's.
Captain John Christopher piloted an F-104, code-named Bluejay 4, in 1969 when he made visual contact with the USS Enterprise, which was perceived as a UFO.
TOS "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
This aircraft was not identified by name on screen, but is derived from visual identification from its appearance in "Tomorrow is Yesterday". It was also identified as this type of craft in the Star Trek Concordance. The footage used on screen and the still shown here are from George AFB, California.
Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference

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