Earth Pre-Federation Database - Junkers JU-87B Stuka

A5 CH ENT "Storm Front, Part II"

Length 11.1 m
Wing Span 13.8 m
Wing Area 31.9 sq.m.
Empty Weight 2750 kg
Normal Takeoff 4340 kg
Machine 1xJu 211D
Maximum Speed 380 km/h
Service Ceiling 8000 m
Range 800 km
From ????

The Stuka (or Junkers Ju 87) was a dive-bomber airplane used on Earth, by Germany, during World War II. Their standard equipment included sirens used to frighten the enemy during an attack, and an armament of 7.9 millimeter machine guns.
In 1944, when Enterprise was trapped in an alternate timeline, Vosk dispatched a squadron of Stukas refitted with plasma cannons to destroy Enterprise, to prevent it from in turn destroying the temporal conduit the Na'kuhl were constructing.
ENT "Storm Front, Part II"
The Stuka was also used in the mirror universe on Earth during that planet's 20th century.
ENT "In a Mirror, Darkly"
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