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Length 79.9 m
Diameter 108.6 m
Crew 7
Propulsion Chemical attitude control thrusters
4 photovoltaic power cells, each generating 23 kilowatts of power
From ????

Orbital scientific outpost above planet Earth during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The station, which was built and operated by several nationstates working together, including some that had previously been bitter enemies, represented a significant step in that planet's social evolution as well as its spaceflight capability. Benjamin Sisko displayed a model of an early version of Earth's International Space Station in his office on station Deep Space 9.
Ben Sisko's ISS model was provided by Majel Barrett Rodenberry, who presented it as a gift th the show. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine art department made one tiny modification to the model. They changed the name on a model space shuttle, docked to the station, to bear the name Enterprise, even though the real shuttle Enterprise never flew in space.
Star Trek Encyclopedia III
A sketch depicting an overhead view of the ISS was contained in the library computer aboard the USS Enterprise in 2254.
TOS-R "The Cage"
International Space Station Patch
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