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S.S. Botany Bay SS Botany Bay Insignia

Ancient DY-100 space vessel launched from Earth in 1996. The Botany Bay was a sleeper ship carrying the former dictator Khan Noonien Singh and his followers, who had escaped from Earth after the terrible Eugenics Wars. The Botany Bay traveled for some 300 years with most of its passengers preserved in suspended animation before being discovered by the Starship Enterprise near the Mutara Sector in 2267.
TOS "Space Seed"
The Botany Bay miniature was also used as the freighter Woden in TOS "The Ultimate Computer". The model was displayed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum in Washington, D.C. A conjectural model of the Botany Bay, built by Greg Jein for a photograph in the Star Trek Chronology, was equipped with several space shuttle-style solid rocket strap-on boosters, suggesting how the 1996-vintage spacecraft might have gotten into orbit. The model was seen as a desktop decoration in Rain Robinson's SETI laboratory in the 1996 scenes of VOY "Future's End, Part I and Part II".
Various personal effects transferred from the Botany Bay were kept within Starfleet cargo carriers. They were subsequently used as shelters by Khan and his followers for almost fifteen years on Ceti Alpha V after the planet became a desert wasteland.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Length 114 m
Crew 40
Phasers None
Photons None
Cruise Speed Sub-Light
Max Speed .9 Warp
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Ancient type of interplanetary space vehicle built on Earth in the late 20th century. DY-100 vessels used nuclear-powered engines and were equipped with suspended-animation facilities for extended voyages. The S.S. Botany Bay, from Earth in 1996, was a DY-100 class ship. Sleeper ships like the DY-100 fell from general use by 2018 because of significant improvements in sublight propulsion technology.
TOS "Space Speed" ; Star Trek Encyclopedia II

Earth Pre-Federation Database - DY-100 Class Sleeper Ship with Rockets

Length with solid fuel rockets 180 m
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The table-top model, smaller than the original and outfitted with booster rockets, used in the post-TOS references, first appearing in a photo-shopped launch photograph in the Chronology and subsequently in the Star Trek Encyclopedia was built by Greg Jein. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 3rd ed., p. 52) The launch photo made subsequent in-universe appearances in VOY: "Future's End", ENT: "First Flight" and ENT: "Home", while the model itself made an appearance in the Voyager episode as a desktop model in Rain Robinson's office. The photograph itself, part of a set of four, was offered up for auction as Lot #193, in the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction, estimated at US$200-$300, and was eventually sold on 5 October 2006 with a winning bid of US$3,000 (US$3,600 including buyer's premium).
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