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An ancient space vessel launched in the late 20th century carrying a cargo of cryogenically preserved humans from Earth. These individuals had all died in the late 20th century, but their bodies had been frozen and sent into space. The cryosatellite drifted in space for some 300 years befor being discovered near the Kazis Binary star system by the Enterprise-D. Although most the satellite's storage modules had failed, three individuals were revived: Claire Raymond, Sonny Clemonds, and Ralph Offenhouse.
TNG "The Neutral Zone"
The cryosatellite was designed by Rick Sternbach and Mike Okuda. Extremely close examination of the model might have revealed tiny letters reading "S.S. Birdseye" inscribed on the hull. The model was later modified and used as Subspace Relay Station 47 in (TNG "Aquiel").
Star Trek Encyclopedia II
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