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U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6

Length 246.7 m
Width 33.4 m
Displacement 19,800 tons standard; 25,500 tons full load
Armor 4"-2.5" belt; 60 lbs protective deck(s); 4" bulkheads; 4" (side)-2" (top) conning tower; 4" (side) over steering gear
Power plant 9 boilers (400 psi); steam turbines; 4 shafts; 120,000 shp
Speed 32.5 knots
Endurance (design) 12,500 nautical miles @ 15 knots
Armament 8 single 5"/38 gun mounts; 4 quad 1.1"/75 machine gun mounts; 24 .50-cal machine guns
Aircraft 90+
Aviation facilities 3 elevators; 2 flight-deck and 1 hangar-deck hydraulic catapults
Crew 2,217 (ship's company + air wing) (1941 figure)
From NavSource Naval History

The USS Enterprise (CV-6) was a US Navy aircraft carrier that was in operation during the mid-20th century. During World War II, the Enterprise fought in the Pacific Ocean.
The Enterprise was succeeded by the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).
Captain Jonathan Archer kept a photograph of Air Group Ten, who served on the USS Enterprise in WWII, in his ready room aboard Enterprise NX-01.
ENT "Twilight"
An illustration of this Enterprise was included in a gallery of ships named Enterprise on the recreation deck of the refit USS Enterprise.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
This is the Enterprise after which Gene Roddenberry named the starship. (The Making of Star Trek, p. 164)
Following the tradition set in The Motion Picture and Star Trek: The Next Generation, Archers' Enterprise NX-01 also had a display of the historical lineage of ships called Enterprise aboard in his ready room. In this case it was a series of four artistic prints comprising the frigate Enterprise, USS Enterprise (CVN-65), Enterprise (OV-101) and Archer's own ship. These prints were made by John Eaves, who actually made a series of five. However due to space limitations on the wall, one had to be left out. The one chosen to be left out portrayed the USS Enterprise (CV-6).

Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference

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