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filename: Non Canon 64.zip

author: Philip Kientz

packed size: 82Kb

original size: 150Kb

files: 27

date: 02.08.2003

namesizepacked sizedate
Achilles Class 64 (ST Dom. Wars).cur5.6942.06407.07.2001 14:01
Aegis Type 64 (Dave S., ASDB).cur5.6943.09630.05.2003 23:02
Anaconda Class 64 (scifi-art).cur5.6942.46326.09.2001 19:27
Andromeda Class 64 (Jason, ASDB).cur5.6942.79401.06.2003 20:01
Antares Class 64 (Rick Knox).cur5.6942.60030.05.2003 23:12
Antares Class Refit 64 (Kris, ASDB).cur5.6942.47501.06.2003 20:02
Apollo Class 64 (Kris, ASDB).cur5.6943.43630.05.2003 23:07
Bainbridge Class (the Trekker) 64.cur5.6943.13821.04.2003 19:28
Bradbury Class (ASDB) 64.cur5.6943.13622.04.2003 11:53
Chimera Class 64 (the Trekker).cur5.6943.30030.05.2003 23:14
Curie Class 64 (USS Phoenix, RPG).cur5.6943.58030.05.2003 23:28
Deneva Class (Reverend, ASDB) 64.cur5.6942.99829.07.2003 18:20
Hokule'a Class (Mark R., ASDB) 64.cur5.6942.69725.05.2003 22:04
Istanbul Class 64 (Jason, ASDB).cur5.6943.04430.05.2003 23:21
Katana Class 64 (scifi-art).cur5.6942.20826.09.2001 19:30
Mediterean Class (Dave S., ASDB) 64.cur5.6943.11025.05.2003 22:08
Merced Class 64 (non canon).cur5.6942.52930.05.2003 23:34
Pathfinder Class (ST Miranda) 64.cur5.6942.78221.04.2003 19:37
Premonition Type 64 (ST Armada).cur5.6942.48326.11.2001 15:47
Premonition Type alt 64 (ST Armada).cur5.6942.70430.05.2003 23:31
Sequoia Class 64 (Kris, ASDB).cur5.6942.81801.06.2003 19:58
USS Incursion 64 (ST Away Team).cur5.6943.58823.08.2001 15:46
USS Incursion alt (ST Armada 2) 64.cur5.6944.37023.07.2003 15:26
Valiant Class Prototype Class (semi cannon) 64.cur5.6944.13521.04.2003 19:40
Wambundu Class (Jason, ASDB) 64.cur5.6942.95725.05.2003 22:23
Yorkshire Class 64 (Bernd, ASDB).cur5.6942.76601.06.2003 19:56
Zodiac Class 64 (Goodson).cur5.6942.45430.05.2003 23:38


These are Non Canon Ships, they are from game releases, unused prototype designs, but most of them where designs by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau.

"The mission objective of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) is to develop technically and aesthetically pleasing designs for these classes, based on fragmentary specs given in episodes."

Star Trek™ and many related terms are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures, Inc.