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filename: Federation 64.zip

author: Philip Kientz

packed size: 291Kb

original size: 550Kb

files: 99

date: 19.08.2003

namesizepacked size seen indorsal view from
1701-E Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.181Star Trek Insurrectionscan*
Akira Class 64.cur5.6942.840Star Trek First Contactscifi-art.com
Ambassador Class 64.cur5.6942.986TNG / DS9scifi-art.com
Captains Yacht Souvereign 64.cur5.6943.159Star Trek Insurrectionscan*
Centaur Type 64.cur5.6942.549DS9 "A Time to Stand"Akira
Challenger Class 64.cur5.6942.860TNG "BoBW"Fleetyard.com
Cheyenne Class 64.cur5.6942.230TNG "BoBW"scifi-art.com
Cheyenne Class alt 64.cur5.6942.929TNG "BoBW"ex-astris-scientia.org
Constant Class 64.cur5.6943.156(DS9)Captain Mike
Constellation Class 64.cur5.6943.187TNG / DS9The Red Admiral
Constitution Class 64.cur5.6942.309TOSscan*
Constitution Class Refit 64.cur5.6942.638Star Trek I - VIThe Guardian of Forever
Curry Type 64.cur5.6942.861DS9 "A Time to Stand"ST Miranda (RPG)
Daedalus Class 64.cur5.6942.293TOS / TNGAdam Heinbuch
Danube Class Modified 64.cur5.6942.338DS9Fleetyard.com
Danube Class Runabout 64.cur5.6942.993DS9scan*
Defiant Class 64.cur5.6943.917DS9ST Miranda (RPG)
Defiant Pathfinder 64.cur5.6942.539DS9scifi-art.com
Delta Flyer 64.cur5.6943.424VOYscan*
DY 100 64.cur5.6942.108TOS "Space Speed"The Guardian of Forever
DY 500 64.cur5.6941.997TNG "Up the long Ladder"myself
Excelsior Class 64.cur5.6942.037TNG / DS9scifi-art.com
Excelsior Class Prototype 64.cur5.6942.511Star Trek IIIscifi-art.com
Federation Air Tram 64.cur5.6942.834Star Trek TMPscan*
Federation Class 64.cur5.6942.686Star Trek TMPTrekmania.net
Federation Galileo Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.139Star Trek VST Miranda (mod)
Federation NX-Class Shuttle 64.cur5.6942.896ENTmyself
Federation Orbital Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.125Star Trek I + IIIscan*
Federation precision flying craft 64.cur5.6943.379TNG "The first duty"ST Guardian (mod)
Federation Scoutship 64.cur5.6943.268Star Trek Insurrectionscan*
Federation Starbase Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.656TNG "11001001"Neutral Zone
Federation Travel Pod 64.cur5.6943.819Star Trek I + II + VIscan*
Federation Tug 64.cur5.6942.699DS9 "A Time to Stand"scan*
Federation Type 10 Shuttle 64.cur5.6942.875DS9 "The Sound of her Voice"scan*
Federation Type 15 Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.528TNGscan*
Federation Type 18 Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.059DS9 "The Search"scan*
Federation Type 6 Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.514TNG3D Model by Neon
Federation Type 7 Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.220TNGmyself
Federation Type 8 Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.504VOY "Non Sequitur"myself
Federation Type 9 Shuttle 64.cur5.6942.864VOYscan*
Federation Type F Shuttle 64.cur5.6942.230TOSNeutral Zone
Federation Workbee 64.cur5.6942.802Star Trek TMPscan*
Federation Workpod Sphinx 64.cur5.6943.415TNGGilso ST Schematics
Freedom Class 64.cur5.6942.749TNG "BoBW"scan*
Friendship 1 64.cur5.6942.394VOY "Friendship One"scan*
Galaxy Class 64.cur5.6942.967TNG / DS9ex-astris-scientia.org
Galaxy Class Refit 64.cur5.6943.308TNG "All Good Things..."Philip Kientz
Hermes Class 64.cur5.6941.813Star Trek IINeutral Zone
Holoship 64.cur5.6942.917Star Trek Insurrectionscan*
Intrepid Class 64.cur5.6942.717VOYscan*
Intrepid Class Aerowing 64.cur5.6943.834(VOY)scan*
J Class 64.cur5.6941.248ENT "Horizon"Neutral Zone
Korolev Class 64.cur5.6943.023(TNG "Redemption")scifi-art.com
Maquis Raider 64.cur5.6944.091TNG "Preemptive Strike"ST Miranda (RPG)
Medusa Class 64.cur5.6942.808(DS9)ST Miranda (RPG)
Miranda Class 64.cur5.6943.086Star Trek II+IV and TNG/DS9scifi-art.com
Miranda Class USS Lantree 64.cur5.6942.899TNG "Unnatural Selection"ST Miranda (RPG)
Miranda Class USS Saratoga 64.cur5.6942.926DS9 "Emissary"ST Miranda (RPG)
Nebula Class 64.cur5.6943.614TNG / DS9scifi-art.com
Nebula Class Prototype 64.cur5.6943.600TNG "BoBW"ex-astris-scientia.org
Nebula Class Variant 64.cur5.6943.054TNG "The Wounded"ex-astris-scientia.org
New Orleans Class 64.cur5.6942.767TNG "BoBW"scifi-art.com
Niagara Class 64.cur5.6943.221TNG "BoBW"Alexander Hartmann
Norway Class 64.cur5.6942.938Star Trek First Contactscan*
Nova Class 64.cur5.6942.763VOY "Equinox"scan*
Nova Class Variant 64.cur5.6942.923VOY "Endgame"Gilso ST Schematics
NX Class 64.cur5.6942.676ENTproteus8898
NX Prototype 64.cur5.6941.996ENT "First Flight"Pro Deo et Rege
Oberth Class 64.cur5.6942.463Star Trek III and TNG/DS9scifi-art.com
Olympic Class 64.cur5.6942.912TNG "All Good Things..."ST Miranda (RPG)
Peregrine Class 64.cur5.6943.820DS9 "Heart of Stone"scan*
Phoenix 64.cur5.6942.532Star Trek First Contactscan*
Prometheus Class 64.cur5.6942.586VOY "Message in a Bottle"scan*
Ptolemy Class 64.cur5.6943.199Star trek IIHeath Coop
Renaissance Class 64.cur5.6942.824TNGex-astris-scientia.org
Sabre Class 64.cur5.6943.106Star Trek First Contactscan*
Shelly Class 64.cur5.6943.113DS9 "A Time to Stand"ST Miranda (RPG)
Sovereign Class 64.cur5.6942.259Star Trek 7 - 9scan*
Soyuz Class 64.cur5.6943.105TNG "Cause and Effect"ST Miranda (RPG)
Springfield Class 64.cur5.6942.598TNG "BoBW"ex-astris-scientia.org
SS Conestoga 64.cur5.6942.132ENT "Terra Nova"Pro Deo et Rege
SS Enterprise 64.cur5.6941.498Star Trek TMPmyself
SS Intrepid 64.cur5.6943.165ENT "The Expanse"Neutral Zone
SS Valiant 64.cur5.6942.836TNG "Where no man..."3D Model by Bryan
Starfleet Transport 64.cur5.6943.368Star Trek VIscan*
Steamrunner Class 64.cur5.6943.269Star Trek First Contactscan*
Surak Class 64.cur5.6942.715TNG "Menage a Troi"ex-astris-scientia.org
Sydney Class 64.cur5.6942.563TNG "Relics"scan*
T'Pau Type 64.cur5.6942.853TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"scan*
Time Shuttle 64.cur5.6943.336VOY "Endgame"scan*
Timeship Aeon 64.cur5.6942.900VOY "Future's End"unknown
USS Raven 64.cur5.6942.593VOY "The Raven"scan*
Vulcan Shuttle 64.cur5.6942.258Star Trek TMPscan*
Wells Class 64.cur5.6943.193VOY "Relativity"myself
Whorfin Class 64.cur5.6942.665Star Trek Generationsscan*
Y-Class 64.cur5.6942.564ENT "Fortunate Son"myself
Yeager Class 64.cur5.6943.147DS9 "A Time to Stand"myself
Yeager Class alt 64.cur5.6943.319DS9 "A Time to Stand"ST Miranda (RPG)
Zandura Class Runabout 64.cur5.6942.910Star Trek "First Contact"scan*

* are scanned from:

by Captain Cabac of the Neutral Zone Starship Database.

It's possible that there are mistakes especially in the "from" section! I don't give any guarantee!

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