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archive content

filename: Borg 64.zip

author: Philip Kientz

packed size: 28Kb

original size: 44Kb

files: 8

date: 02.08.2003

namesizepacked sizedate
Borg Cube 64.ico5.6943.63029.07.2003 00:08
Borg Escape Sphere 64.ico5.6944.10130.07.2003 16:31
Borg Lore 64.ico5.6942.01029.07.2003 00:05
Borg Probe 64.ico5.6942.70530.07.2003 16:33
Borg Queens Cube 64.ico5.6943.45930.07.2003 16:34
Borg Queens Lore 64.ico5.6942.99120.01.2003 00:00
Borg Sphere 64.ico5.6944.31729.07.2003 00:06
Borg Tactical Cube 64.ico5.6944.14427.07.2003 16:36

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