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filename: Alien 48.zip

author: Philip Kientz

packed size: 205Kb

original size: 354Kb

files: 96

date: 18.08.2003

nameseen in
8472 Bioship 48.curVOY "Scorpion"
8472 Planet Destroyer 48.curVOY "Scorpion"
Akritirian Patrol Ship 48.curVOY "The Chute"
Annari Warship 48.curVOY "Nightingale"
Assan's Ship 48.curVOY "Drive"
B'omar Ship 48.curVOY "The Raven"
Ba'Neth Ship 48.curVOY "Riddles"
Bajoran Assault Vessel 48.curDS9 "The Siege"
Bajoran Impulse II 48.curDS9 "Shadows and Symbols"
Bajoran Impulse Ship 48.curDS9 "The Siege"
Benthan Warship 48.curVOY "Vis A Vis"
Breen Battleship 48.curDS9 "Penumbra"
Caatati Ship 48.curVOY "Day of Honor"
Captain Tash's Ship 48.curVOY "The Voyager Conspiracy"
Cardassian Freighter 48.curDS9 "Rules of Engagement"
Cardassian Galor Class 48.curTNG / DS9
Cardassian Hideki Class 48.curDS9 "Tribunal"
Cardassian Keldon Class 48.curDS9 "Defiant"
Corvallen Freighter 48.curTNG "Face of the Enemy"
Cravic Vessel 48.curVOY "Prototyp"
Cytoplasmic Ship 48.curVOY "Nothing Human"
Devore Shuttle 48.curVOY "Counterpoint"
Dralian Trader Ship 48.curVOY "Critical Care"
Entharan Kovins Ship 48.curVOY "Retrospect"
Ferengi D'Kora Class 48.curTNG
Ferengi Shuttle 48.curTNG / VOY "The Wormhole"
Flea Ship 48.curVOY "The Fight"
Hazari Attack Fighter 48.curVOY "Think Tank"
Hirogen Idens Ship 48.curVOY "Flesh and Blood"
Hirogen Ship 48.curVOY
Hunter Ship 48.curDS9 "Tosk"
Iyaaran Shuttle 48.curTNG "Liaisons"
Jaheels Ship 48.curDS9 "Babel"
Jem'Hadar Attack Ship 48.curDS9 "The Jem'Hadar"
Jem'Hadar Battleship 48.curDS9 "Ties of Blood and Water"
Jem'Hadar Prototype 48.curDS9 "Valiant"
Karemman Vessel 48.curDS9 "Starship Down"
Kazon Raider 48.curVOY
Kes Shuttle 48.curVOY
Klingon Bird of Prey 48.curST III-VI and TNG / DS9
Klingon K't'inga Class 48.curST I,II, VI and TNG
Klingon Negh'Var Class 48.curDS9 "The Way of the Warrior"
Klingon Raptor Scout 48.curENT "Sleeping Dogs"
Klingon Vor'cha Class 48.curTNG / DS9
Kraylor Nightingale 48.curVOY "Nightingale"
Krenim Temporal Weapon 48.curVOY "Year of Hell"
Krenim Vessel 48.curVOY "Year of Hell"
Krenim Warship 48.curVOY "Year of Hell"
Lokirrim Patrolship 48.curVOY "Body and Soul"
Lokirrim Warship 48.curVOY "Body and Soul"
Malon Export Vessel 48.curVOY "Night"
Mawasi Cruiser 48.curVOY "Year of Hell"
Mirror Universe Negh'Var 48.curDS9 "Shattered Mirror"
Nasari Starship 48.curVOY "Favorite Son"
Neelix Vessel 48.curVOY "Pathways"
Nihydron Warship 48.curVOY "Year of Hell"
Nuu'Bari Freighter 48.curVOY "Flesh and Blood"
Nygean Prison Ship 48.curVOY "Repentance"
Omega Rescue Ship 48.curVOY "The Omega Directive"
Ord'Mirit Mining Vessel 48.curVOY "Course: Oblivion"
Qatai's Ship 48.curVOY "Bliss"
Quarra Ship 48.curVOY "Workforce"
Ramuran Tracer Ship 48.curVOY "Unforgetable"
Reman Warbird Scimitar 48.curStar Trek Nemesis
Romulan D'deridex Warbird 48.curTNG / DS9
Romulan Early Bird of Prey 48.curENT "Minefield"
Romulan Scout 48.curTNG "The Enemy"
Romulan Shuttle 48.curDS9 "In Pale Moonlight"
Romulan Valdore Type 48.curStar Trek Nemesis
Sheliak Colony Ship 48.curThe Ensigns of Command
Son'a Battleship 48.curStar Trek Insurrection
Son'a Collector Ship 48.curStar Trek Insurrection
Son'a Command Ship 48.curStar Trek Insurrection
Species 6339 Ship 48.curVOY "Infinite Regress"
Srivani Ship 48.curVOY "Scientific Method"
Straleb Security Ship 48.curTNG "The Outrageos Okona"
Swarm Ship 48.curVOY "The Swarm"
Talaxian Fighter 48.curVOY "Basics"
Tamarian Starship 48.curTNG "Darmok"
Tarellian Spacecraft 48.curTNG "Haven"
Torat's Ship 48.curVOY "Counterpoint"
Tsunkatse Ship 48.curVOY "Tsunkatse"
Turei Ship 48.curVOY "Dragon's Teeth"
USS Dauntless 48.curVOY "Hope and Fear"
V'ger 48.curStar Trek TMP
Vidiian Ship 48.curVOY "Deadlock"
Voth City Ship 48.curVOY "Distant Origin"
VOY Vis a Vis 48.curVOY "Vis A Vis"
Vulcan Shuttle 48.curStar Trek TMP
Vulcan Surak Class 48.curENT "Breaking the Ice"
Vulcan Surak Shuttle 48.curENT "Fallen Hero"
Vulcan Survey Ship 48.curStar Trek First Contact
Wadi Ship 48.curDS9 "Move along Home"
Wysanti Ship 48.curVOY "Imperfection"
Zahl Warship 48.curVOY "Year of Hell"
Zibalian Trade Vessel 48.curTNG "The most Toys"

The most of the used dorsal views are scanned from:

by Captain Cabac of the Neutral Zone Starship Database.

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