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  Also known as Farspace Starbase Earhart. Starfleet facility where Ensign Jean-Luc Picard spent some time awaiting his first assignment after graduating from the academy. Picard picked a fight with three Nausicaans at the base's Bonestell Recreation Facility, and was nearly killed when one of them stabbed him through the heart.
Named for aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart (1898-1937).
TNG "Samaritan Snare" ; TNG "Tapestry" ; Star Trek Encyclopedia II

Federation Starbase / Base Database - Bonestell Recreation Facility

  A seamy bar at Starbase Earhart, filled with unruly galactic cutthroats. Jean-Luc Picard was stabbed through the heart in 2327 (shortly after his graduation from the academy) by a Nausicaan who picked a fight with Picard and his classmates at the Bonestell Facility. Picard's injuries in the incident required him to undergo cardiac replacement surgery.
TNG "Samaritan Snare"
Picard regretted his impulsiveness in that incident for years, but in 2369, when Q gave him a chance to relive that moment, Picard found that he had indeed made the right choice.
The Bonestell Facility was named for classic astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell.
TNG "Tapestry" ; Star Trek Encyclopedia II
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