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   Diameter 1097 m  
  From ????  

  Old Cardassian mining station built in orbit of planet Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. (DS9 "Emissary"). Deep Space 9 was built in 2352 (DS9 "Babel") by the Cardassians, who called the station Terok Nor, to exploit Bajor's rich uridium deposits. (DS9 "Civil Defence"). In 2362, Gul Dukat was the commanding officer on Terok Nor. he retained that position until 2369. (DS9 "Cardassians"). In that year, the Cardassians relinquished their claim on Bajor and retreated from the region. Starfleet assumed control of the facility shortly thereafter, at the request of the Bajoran provisional government. Though administered by the Federation, the station fell under the jurisdiction of the Bajoran government and was subject to its laws. (DS9 "Profit and Loss").
The station model was designed at the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine art department by Herman Zimmermnn and Rick Sternbach. Contributing artists including Ricardo Delgado, Joseph Hodges, Nathan Crowley, Jim Martin, Rob Legato, Gary Hutzel, Mike Okuda, and executive producer Rick Berman. The miniature was fabricated by Tony Meininger.
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