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U.S.S. Saladin NCC-500

The USS Saladin was the prototype of the Saladin-class Federation starships.
This ship is not strictly canon, but the diagrams from Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual appeared in several movies. The ship was named for Saladin, the famous Arab general who fought against the Crusades in the 12th century.
In the Starfleet Academy's training simulation seen on a Display.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Seen on a Display on the U.S.S. Enterprise
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference

   Length 242.5 meters  
   Width 127.1 meters  
   Height 60 meters  
   Officers 20  
   Crew 180  
   Mass 95000 metric tonnes  
   Phasers 3 banks/2 each  
   Photons 2 banks  
   Cruise Speed 6  
   Max Speed 8  
  From Star Trek Starfleet Technical Manual  

  The Saladin-class starship was a Mk-VIII, class I destroyer type of Federation vessel built in the 23rd century. Both the saucer section and nacelle of the Saladin are identical to that of the Constitution-class, although the configuration could hardly be more different. The Saladin is one of the relatively few Starfleet designs to employ a single nacelle configuration. The Saladin is a more militarized version of her sister class, the Hermes-class. While the Hermes is a scout and therefore carries only 2 phaser banks, the Saladin is a destroyer and is armed with 3 phaser emplacements (with two emitters each) and 2 photon torpedo tubes. This ship is outfitted for a 9 year range at light-speed before overhaul is required. The first vessels of this class were authorized in appropriations on stardate 0965. Additional subclasses were later authorized, the Mk-VIIIA on stardate 3030 and the Mk-VIIIB on stardate 4699. (page from the Star Fleet Technical Manual visible in a display in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).
The Saladin-class starship was seen on display in the Starfleet Academy's bridge training simulator in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". It was one of several ship's from the Star Fleet Technical Manual that appeared in a Trek production. While this manual was once considered canon by the producers, it is now mostly apocryphal, save for a few canonically spotted details, like this class. The subclasses of this vessel were listed in the manual as the Mk-VIIIA Siva-class and the Mk-VIIIB Cochise-class. All of the vessels listed as authorized for construction in the manual (20 Mk-VIIIs, 10 Mk-VIIIAs and 26 Mk-VIIIBs) were named for historical warriors of Earth history.
Text from the Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference
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