Reman Warbird

Scimitar The unique Reman Warbird of Shinzon, the dying clone of Jean-Luc Picard, constructed in secret to his instructions. Apparently modelled on a great eagle, it had long, multi-layered, downswept wings and tail-like, trailing surfaces at the rear of the central hull, while the forward bridge was tapered like a raptor's head. A vast ship, approximately 890 metres long, it was heavily armed with conventional disruptors and torpedoes and protected by double shields and an improved, impenetrable cloak. It also had a terrible Thaleron biogenic weapon able to wipe out the life on an entire planet. When activated, the wing elements of the ship separated and rotated around the hull, turning the entire vessel into a weapons array. It could quickly outmatch and destroy a Sovereign-class starship.
Having staged a coup on Romulus, Shinzon intended to go to Earth and strike the Federation at its very heart. As soon as the Enterprise-E was in orbit around the Romulan homeworld, it was engaged and outgunned by the Scimitar. It was only with Data's sacrifice that his crewmates were saved.
Star Trek Nemesis
Text from the The Unofficial Index to the GE Fabbri Star Trek Fact Files
Length 890,016 m
Wide 1350,264 m
Facts surrounding a ship of Reman origin and design are at this point nothing more than rumor. The only constnt circulating throughout the quadrant is that the ship is of immense proportions and bears an aggressive posture. The most disconnecting rumor surrounding this craft is that its weaponry is double that of a standard Warbird. No information exists on propulsion systems or unique weaponry.
Star Trek Nemesis ;
The Star Trek CCG name is "Scimitar Class"