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Remus is the second planet of the Romulan Star Empire. The planet suffers from a stellar phenomenon that allows for only one half of the planets to be habitable due to extreme temperatures as it always faces the sun. The Remans, who have an altered physical appearance due to living in perpetual darkness on the opposite side, are considered an undesairable caste in the hirachy of the Romulan Empire. The only distriction that has been bestowed upon them is that they are formidable warriors and were quite effective during the Dominion War.

Very little is known about the socia-political and economic impact Remus constributes to the empire. What is known through Federation intelligence is that Remus is a key dilithiun mining source and it iw where the majority of Romulan heavy weapons construction is done.

Reman Solidary and Representation.
Rumors have been circulating throughout the quadrant that the Remans are organizing for a stand to be recognized by their Romulan brethren. There are whispers that a human male of unknown origin is leading this campaign. These reports cannot be verified due the oppressive nature of the Romulan Empire on all matters dealing with Remus.
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. Reman Xenology Reman Script
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