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Civilization known for its punctuality and highly territorial nature. The Tholians accused the crew of the Enterprise of violating a territorial annex of the Tholian assembly while on a rescue mission when the U.S.S. Defiant was trapped in interspace in 2268.
TOS "The Tholian Web"
The ongoing conflict with the Tholians flared up again in 2353 when the Tholians attacked and nearly destroyed a Federation starbase, with the loss of nearly all personnel. Civilian advisor Kyle Riker was the only survivor in the incident.
TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Conflict with the Tholians continued well into the 24th century, and simulated Tholian battles were part of the Starfleet Academy curriculum as recently as 2355, when William Riker was able to calculate a sensory blind spot in a simulated Tholian vessel, and use that to his advantage.
TNG "Peak Performance"
Tensions with the Tholians remained sufficiently high that Ambassador K'Ehleyr, in 2367, feared a Klingon civil war would eventually involve the Tholians TNG "Reunion"
, although diplomatic relations between the Tholians and the Federation were established. In 2371, a Tholian ambassadoe visited Deep Space 9.
DS9 "Life Support"
Razka Karn, a patty criminal, had been in trouble with the Tholians. Because of this, he often sought refuge in the Badlands.
DS9 "Indiscretion"
A Tholian observer was present at the ill-fated Antwerp Conference on Earth on stadate 49170.65.
DS9 "Homefront"
We've seen a Tholian in only one episode, THG "The Tholian Web", and even that was just a few shots on the Enterprise main viewer. Those shots, which used visual effects and a puppet designed by Mike Minor, seemed to show the facted head of Commander Loskene. It was not, however, made clear if that was indeed Loskene's head, or if it was simply helmet. It was also not clear if Loskene's body below the viewer's frame was humanoid or something more exotic.
Star Trek Encyclopedia II
The Homeworld is Tholia.

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